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About Our Studio

It all started with Joseph Pilates who is the founder of Pilates. His method incorporates exercise principles aimed at strengthening the core muscles and in so doing promotes balance, alignment, and a general body conditioning as the muscles work in harmony to better support your spine.

At Pilates Essentials we offer Pilates classes at our studio that stay true to the core principles first established by Joseph Pilates years ago. Pilates nurtures the vital mind/body connection, fosters a breathing awareness, increases core strength, improves flexibility, is a full body workout and is adaptable to all fitness levels. To better serve you we offer several Pilates session options including mat & equipment, specialty, and Barre classes.

If you are looking to take that next step to achieve a more fit you then our Pilates studio is the perfect place to start. For years we have been dedicated to helping every one of our clients first achieve & then maintain the physical essence required for a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. Our studio classes are typically 50 minutes in length and are taught only by fully certified instructors. Achieving the mind-body connection & engagement is critical to the success of any Pilates experience so why try to learn Pilates by yourself in your own home? Come join us in a professionally instructed class with similarly motivated participants, get a great workout, meet new people. Enjoy the sanctuary of a little “me” time!

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